Become an Activist

Choose a project and get started on your own or with others - perhaps a group of friends or a local election integrity group.

Even people who are not eligible to vote can do most of the actions on this site!

If you're not yet 18, not a citizen, or have lost your voting rights, by choosing to take action for fair, accurate, and transparent elections you can still make a significant difference.

Sign the Petition to Release the Names of Voters on the "Interstate Crosscheck" Purge List

The Interstate Crosscheck Purge program has wrongly tagged voters listing them as registering in two states or voting in two states, a felony crime. This has resulted in seven million people being purged from voter rolls and shows a racial basis (with one in seven voters of color being purged in states where this program is taking place) - simply because the voter shared the same name as another voter in another state. Sign the petition to demand an investigation.

Take the VoteRiders Pledge

Pledge to take a friend to the DMV (or wherever they get a voter ID in their state). Reach out to your friends and family who live in the states that have a voter ID law to make sure they have a current and valid ID.

Overturn Citizens United

Work with Move to Amend to Overturn Citizens United by signing a petition, joining a Move to Amend group near you, or downloading their Take Action Toolkit.

Work for Better Elections Laws

Work with The National Election Defense Coalition for better election laws in your state.

Plan to Protest Suspicious Election Outcomes

No More Stolen Elections! is a non-partisan campaign committed to voting rights, election reform, and deep democratic change. This effort is not supportive of any particular political candidates or parties. Instead of seeking the elevation of one candidate over others, this campaign is an important part of building the kind of movement that can achieve reform.

Learn More and Educate Others

Election justice will only be achieved when the public claims ownership of our elections. We cannot do this through voting in the current system. Community action is the answer. And education is the first step in spurring people to act.


STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote brings together behind-the-scenes perspectives pointing to key past elections, with a focus on the Presidential election, of 2004.

This film (winner of Broadcast Critics of American top award) features startling stories that shed light on more than a decade of vote counts that don't match votes cast – uncounted ballots, vote switching, undervotes and other examples of election results that warrant serious investigation.
Learn how to recognize problems when you vote, such a machine problems and final tallies that don't make sense. If you think something is wrong, be prepared to speak out.

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy - Rolling Stone investigative reporter Greg Palast busted Jeb Bush for stealing the 2000 election by purging Black voters from Florida’s electoral rolls. Now Palast is back to take a deep dive into the Republicans’ dark operation, Crosscheck, designed to steal a million votes by November.

Hacking Democracy The film the voting machine corporations don't want you to see. HACKING DEMOCRACY follows investigator/grandmother, Bev Harris, and her citizen-activists as they set out to uncover how America counts its votes. Proving the votes can be stolen without a trace culminates in a duel between the Diebold corporation's voting machines and a computer hacker - with America's democracy at stake.


CODE RED: Computerized Election Theft and the New American Century

Counting our votes in an observable way ensures the legitimacy of our elections. The public needs to have an undistorted voice in the making these hard choices. Problems facing us as a nation in the years to come include climate change, overpopulation, food and resource distribution, weapons control, protection of privacy, and numerous other challenges. We need to break the spell of convenience, passivity, helplessness and remember and recognize that democracy is not something that we watch on TV; it is something that we do.

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The BradCast (Daily Radio/Online Podcast)

Investigative journalist, blogger, and broadcaster Brad Friedman's investigative interviews, analysis and commentary, as ripped from the pages of The BRAD BLOG, today's current events (if they matter) and the rest of the stuff we have to live with.

Educate Others

Once you have taken that step and begun to learn the truth about how severely the election system has been damaged, you must make it your responsibility to carry that message to others.

Talk about the need for protection of voting rights and the integrity of U.S. elections at work, with friends and family, etc. Any time candidates or issues on the ballot are discussed is an opportunity to speak up. Any time you hear someone talk about making change through legislation is an opportunity as well.

Download Our Resource Kit/Action Guide

Online Advocacy

2016 Election At Risk (Facebook)

2016 ELECTION at RISK alerts voters to the potential dangers in the upcoming Presidential election.

Black Box Voting, founded in 2003, is a nonpartisan investigative reporting and public education organization for elections.


The nation's leading blog featuring original investigative reporting on election problems and other threats to our democracy.

Election Justice USA (Facebook)

Election Justice USA provides legal and logistical support to voters, pursuing every avenue for remedy for the damage done to their vote.

Occupy Rigged Elections (Facebook)

Demand mandatory, verifiable hand-counted paper ballots in full public view. Each voter should be able to verify that his or her vote was properly counted.


  • Post on social media
  • Write letters to the editor
  • Call in to radio shows

What to Say:

• Elections belong to the public. Private corporations have no business counting our votes.

• Over 98% of our votes are counted in secret – inside machines. Neither voters nor even election officials can verify the accuracy of these election results.

• Elections are the way We the People "hire" some of the individuals who work in our government. Their job is to serve the public, not to oppress or even to lead the public. We the People are in charge.

• Over a dozen university and government studies have proven that electronic vote tabulation machines can be programmed to produce election results that are not real vote counts. This is true whether the machines count votes cast on paper or votes cast on the machine itself.

• With electronic voting technology, elections can be rigged by insiders or hacked by outsiders without leaving a trace.

• Eligible citizens are being denied the right to vote.

• For fair and transparent elections, we need paper ballots, counted by hand at the precinct in full public view on election night – no matter how long it takes.

• "It takes a long time to change 10,000 paper ballots by hand. It takes three seconds to change 10,000 votes on a computer." Chuck Herrin, IT Security Consultant, as quoted in the film STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote.

• The media MUST cover the problems with local and national elections.

• If we want elections we can trust, we must all get involved. Go to our Get Involved page to learn how you can make a difference.

• Working on election integrity is a way to support all the candidates and the issues you care about at the same time. And perhaps save our democracy, too.

• Register and Vote! Unfortunately, eligible voters around the country have been purged from registration lists. It's important for everyone to call the election office or go to to make sure you're still on the list of active voters.

Remember to add something personal: your story about voting problems, your reaction to STEALING AMERICA, or what you plan to do to protect this year’s election.